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Considering I almost bought a vehicle here I feel compelled to address my concerns with the process for yelpers that may consider going here for a car. ANYWAY, we were met by a very nice young woman when we arrived and stuck with her throughout the day. The truck we were looking at was a F blah blah - it was nice but was certainly missing several of the things my wife wanted in her new vehicle. She drove it, and "liked" it but was not in love with it. It had no bed liner, no back up camera, no parking distance alert sensors - very basic.

We had scheduled ourselves to see three trucks that day, all in the 18 - 22K price range. Now, I trade my 7 series in EVERY two years for a newer one - so I am no stranger to the inner-workings of this horrible process - including bull shit fees that always manage to show their ugly head at the "big' dealers. This was a USED truck folks - a delivery fee for a used vehicle, is kind of laughable but Um ya, there's more. Anyone that would pay these fees would have to be completely out of their mind. So as the peace talks progressed I told my wife here is what's going to happen, the old back and forth, and other than the way overpriced "processing fee" the other fees will be removed - and they were.

After all the bullshit talks we got down to brass tax. My trade in allowance and their final price that is all we ever wanted. After three or four additional go-rounds they got fairly close to what I wanted for the MB but never touched the price of the truck. We then stopped everything and went to another truck appointment - yup just like that. We gave them 2 hrs to think about MY OFFER and if agreed upon we would return, and we did after a phone call where they agreed to our terms but not really.

Then comes the finance guy - another rough spot in what should otherwise be a fairly easy process. I had done the numbers myself one the price we were willing to pay a day ago at home. Taking her credit FICO high 's and the current shitty interest rates and loan term into account.

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Now remember, I do this nonsense every two years. In the finance office I said no GAP insurance, no aftermarket warranty just the loan. And then as expected comes the high rate loan offer, Grrr I hate being right. But I totally knew that was coming. You see they get financial concessions for selling YOU a higher interest rate loan than you qualify for - long time dealer scam. Basically screwing you out of even more money. Have your own financing when you go in like I usually do but this was a weekend and I wanted to test the waters of what they had.

So - ya, we got into it over the rates, taking the camera off, what THEY put into the truck, but ultimately we left the dealership with everything signed EXCEPT the loan - the deal was dead and we were happy about that. I told them to give me a call if they change their mind, and they did a day too late. They called my wife's work and her cell.

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We left the dealership happy AND feeling good about the outcome and that my friend is how you should feel when you pull away in your new or used car - satisfied. So unfortunately I was not able to actually purchase a vehicle from Koons Falls Church due to a disagreement in numbers but I appreciated the sales experience with Julio Romano and the sales manager there. It was the best sales experience I've had to date. Don't get me wrong, there were uncomfortable moments when you see a number that was higher than expected, but they were willing to hear my side and readjust a few things to try to get closer to my requested number.

Sadly we couldn't work anything out. I highly recommend going somewhere else. I had hoped for a better experience. I scheduled an appointment online to get the oil changed on my Ford F, 6. To begin that process, I entered the vehicle type and VIN. When it came time to select the service, I indicated I would like a full synthetic oil change. Before my appointment, I got no fewer than 3 emails from Koons reminding me of my appointment and including the vehicle type, with the VIN and the quoted price. When I got there to drop off my truck, the appointed service advisor wasn't there.

Another service advisor looked up my appointment in the system, took my keys, and told me it would be ready in 69 minutes. Well, I should have realized that if it's too good to be true, it usually is. I got a call 45 minutes later from the service specialist who was assigned to me and he stated the price was actually twice what the quote was.

I explained the scheduling process, the quotes, and the emails. I also explained that this wasn't mentioned when I dropped off the truck. He stated he was doing me a favor by letting me know before actually doing the change. He then blamed the service advisor who did my intake for not catching it because he doesn't know trucks he was my advisor on a previous visit.

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  6. I talked with the manager afterwards, who also was my appointed service advisor. My thought was at best, this is a problem with the web scheduling system. At worst, it's totally dishonest. He took absolutely no responsibility and blamed the 3rd party internet service. A good service station would have taken responsibility and either honored the price or, at the least, offered a discount.

    I've had bad service here before. For some reason I thought they'd be better a year later. If I could rate lower than 1 star I would. I've probably had about 6 conversations begging them to stop contacting me I head down to Alexandria Ford now, it's well worth the extra few miles and they assure me each time they have removed me from all contact records yet I somehow receive a mailer once a month. Either refund me for the rental car or do not contact me. It shouldn't be this hard! The worst buying experience ever. I've waited a few weeks to cool off after an incredibly frustrating experience at Koons Ford Falls Church.

    We found a car online that we really liked and went to Koons based on a good price for a year old but still new car. We were no nonsense - "we like this car, we like the price, let's drive it and if all goes well we will buy" And all went well We took a test drive and loved the car and immediately agreed to buy at the price advertised online. We sign some preliminary paperwork, agree to the price, and go to the finance manager to see what our options are.

    Sales staff were all great. The finance manager was literally what the stereotype for slimy and pushy salesmen is based on. We should have walked away at our first sense of being uncomfortable. He attempted to scare us into the Gap insurance, and warranty, after I said I trusted the car would be fine and that the 36 month warranty would be plenty and that i would take care of repairs thereafter he told me "the electrical system has over 2, parts, can you fix those" and continues to pressure us.

    He offers us above market financing, and I know this, so we decline and agree that I'll get a check from the bank in the morning and bring it back. He suggest that he can beat any rate, but that I'd have to call him to tell him what bank and what rate We leave our car and a deposit, at the salesmen's prompting and sign an agreement to take the car home that night, after paying a deposit.

    Despite an unpleasant experience with the financing guy we love our new car, arrange financing with a credit union, get insurance, floor mats, etc. I literally drove someone else's car to work. The finance manager never apologized and actually blamed us for not using his over priced financing. We take the car back and surprise surprise, they try to sell us another, More expensive car. When they realized they were not going to make money on financing or undercote or whatever other BS they tried to sell us on, they reneged on the deal and then tried to up-sell us.

    Lying to our faces. We questioned the financing manager on this the next day and he invoked his status as a veteran Colonel of an Army not US as reason he shouldn't have to listen to our complaints. The worst customer service experience I've had in my life. Buying my car was a breeze.

    But today it was time for her first oil change. BUT the tech who parked my car left it in reverse, without my E-brake up 6 speed now if my e brake was broken I could understand why that happened but it's not. And I'm very annoyed. Second the front and sides of my car near m had grease prints on it Especially when they claimed to of washed my car I know they sure as shit didn't. Basically I should of stuck with my gut instinct and just changed the oil myself. Definitely not going back to them for anymore. Thanks for continuing to confirm that you're a shitty establishment.

    These people are awful. They sold me a defective car and then I've been struggling for 2 years to get a recall fixed and still can't get anyone to make my car drivable. Anyone, before test driving, be very careful and DO NOT fill up any forms by them, either by sales man or whatever manager talking very nice like nothing is gonna happen or it is merely a big trap It happened to me that i just followed their procedures to get to test drive a fusion.

    Went to Britt ford fairfax - very nice people there, easy to communicate - no stress no BS and i bought the car Couple days later, i received a call from Koons from here - Koons falls church and a guy named Chris - sales manager he said he was and told me "Your fusion is waiting for you by last couple days!!!

    I was so out of words and went back to Britt ford that i was told that he's playing games and not to worry as i did not make it to step called Delivery Chris came out with anger on his face and told me the deal was off I can't thank enough the Title clerk lady yet this experience was horrible and disgusting Never come here to get a ford as you have so many options and better deals around! Just go anywhere but here. Where to start , I have had the same buying experience as other reviews.

    I literally put deposit and insurance on the car. As they sold it to someone behind my back and as of this moment someone is driving a car wit my full coverage insurance on it. They are crooks , scam artist and worst experience ever. Here is screen shot of a review wit same experience I went too. This is a request for refund of money I was improperly charged for two basic issues involving my , Ford Crown Victoria. Since June , I have visited the service dept. The first issue involves the air bag restraint system on my Crown Victoria. Specifically, on June 16, , I brought my Crown Victoria to the service dept.

    A copy of the Estimate and Transaction Receipt, both dated June 16, , are attached. A copy of the Estimate and Sale Receipt, both dated August 28, , are attached. The second issue involves the air conditioning system on my Crown Victoria. Specifically, on July 2, , I again brought my Crown Victoria to the service dept. A copy of the Invoice, Sale Receipt, and a computer screen print-out, all dated July 2, , are attached.

    As of the date of this letter, my Crown Victoria's air conditioning has not worked better in the eight years I've owned the automobile. Attached is an Invoice and Sale Receipt, both dated July 17, Simply put, I find Koons Ford's estimates and charges deeply suspicious. Please refund my money within the next ten calendar days so that we may quickly and quietly resolve this matter. I have been buying cars here for the last 10 years or more. Never have had many issues until this time. And this time I bought two cars. I may never buy here again.

    For all the trouble I have been through this time, it has ruined every decent experience I have had here before. I've had to make 3 trips back in person to resolve issues since nobody answers their voice mail or email. Not sure if there is new management, or what the issues are, but I don't know that I will come back.

    2005 Ford Mustang in Falls Church, VA 22044

    The finance person I was assigned was terrible. Always had to have others fix what he was doing wrong or tell him how to do things and complaining the whole time. Finance manager finally had to finish the job. And then I had to fight to get the refund I was owed. Julio was pleasant to work with.

    And, I believe if Tony had worked my financing as he has previously, I would have been much happier and been able to spend a lot less time at the dealership fixing things. Bought a car from them with the best warranty they had to offer and prepaid service plan. They've lied to me about changing the oil couple of times already. They've lied about changing the engine air filter. Brought the car in for the prepaid service plan I purchased. When I refused, they conveniently found a nail in the tire. Sure, that could happen. So I asked where's the nail located they said towards the middle.

    Only to find out the nail is actually a screw, a sparkling new screw.

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    Conveniently placed like half an inch from the sidewall. What the heck is wrong with these people? I am just disgusted by these actions!!!! Somebody has to do something!! I am gonna have to take my car to Tedd Britt from now on smh and forget about the prepaid maintenance plan I purchased!

    I bought a new Mustang that had undisclosed paint work! When I got home, I and others noticed the right front fender did not match the rest of the car. Koons barely communicates with me now. They have offered to have the fender repainted to match the rest of the car. I have asked for and should receive a refund. The level of lack of concern with Koons is astounding. Terrible experience, just simply don't have any problems with your car because they're going to make it even worst.

    Oil Change, Tire & Auto Repair | Quick Lane® Koons Ford | Falls Church, VA

    I brought my shiny mustang for it first service. I mentioned I was hearing a noise in the rear suspension so if they could check that. They derived my car to the body shop because they said it was a rear panel issue. I took my car there twice, there not were able to find the issue, still there, but was even worst is they damaged my car, scratched 19 inches rim and also some new dents on the rear panel that theoretically is having problems.

    I've lost time, money and my car has suffered damages.

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    They simply don't know how to treat cars. I've been bringing my Explorer here for service for 6 months. I've bought my Explorer from another dealer out of town. A bunch of crooks and liars run the service department. I've gone through two service managers Kristan Stanisclaus and Shawn Murch. Both are really good at lying just so you will stop calling them to ask questions about your car. My car start having some acceleration issues after a few months old and I bought it into Koons and Kristan advice to me is to use premium fuel and there's nothing they can to do fix it.

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